Playboy – Dakota Burd in Morning Jog PlayboyPlus

Really working up a sweat is gorgeous Canadian model and lover of fitness, Dakota Burd. She’s our newest Amateur model and we’re sure she’s just the type of woman you need to get that heart racing with her phenomenally fit body and friendly personality. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her perfect abs, toned legs, and tight ass — not to mention her killer smile and sparkling brown eyes. She’s just gone on a morning jog and heads back to her apartment for some post-run stretching. Soon enough, she kicks off her tennis shoes and loses her sports bra to give you a glimpse of her hands all over perfectly smooth, glowing skin and all-natural bust. Next, she teases the drawstrings to her bright blue leggings and wiggles right out of them with ease, showing off her generous backside. She’s still hot from her run, so she takes to the counter pouring water all down her gorgeous physique, showing off just how flexible she is. Let this new model enchant you right here on Playboy Plus.

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